Minimally Invasive Gum Contouring Can Create a Beautiful Framework for Your Smile

Gum contouring at our Islip, NY, practice is a simple treatment that can have dramatic effects for your smile. Excess soft tissue can obscure your teeth, making them look worn or proportionately short. Alternatively, a crooked gum line can make your whole smile look uneven. During gum contouring, Dr. Joseph R. Morris will trim away the unwanted tissue, sculpting a new gum line for a dazzling grin. The treatment is minimally invasive, and recovery is very quick. At the same time, the stunning results can improve your appearance and self-confidence for many years.

Is Gum Contouring a Good Option for You?

Dr. Morris will typically recommend gum contouring to correct a “gummy smile” or an uneven gum line. At the same time, to qualify for the treatment, you should have good periodontal health. If you have been diagnosed with gum disease, you will need a deep cleaning or additional treatment before you can undergo contouring.

A before and after graphic of the gum conturing procedure

Gum contouring can dramatically enhance the appearance of your smile.

Your Gum Contouring Treatment

Dr. Morris wants to achieve personalized results that meet your specific goals. To that end, he will conduct a complete consultation before beginning your gum contouring procedure. You will discuss your desired results, and you can review photos to see what your smile could look like after treatment. Frequently, Dr. Morris will lightly draw a line on your gums, showing where your new gum line will rest.

Dr. Morris will typically recommend gum contouring to correct a “gummy smile” or an uneven gum line.

Prior to the contouring procedure, Dr. Morris will numb your soft tissues. The local anesthesia, combined with Dr. Morris’ gentle techniques, will keep you comfortable throughout treatment. Working meticulously, he will remove a very small amount of gum tissue, creating a beautifully sculpted and proportionate gum line. Because he uses such precise methods, your recovery will be very quick. You may experience some minor inflammation and sensitivity. However, you can usually minimize these side effects by eating a soft diet and taking non-prescription pain medications. With the proper precautions, discomfort should subside within a week.

How Will Gum Contouring Benefit You?

Gum contouring is a relatively simple procedure that typically takes no more than a few minutes. In most cases, Dr. Morris will not need to place stitches, and you will not require any follow-up appointments.

At the same time, the treatment can have significant and lasting effects for your overall appearance. After your procedure, your smile will look more even and proportionate. If you previously had excess soft tissue, you could even appear several years younger. 

For even more dramatic results, Dr. Morris could perform a smile makeover, combining gum contouring with other cosmetic treatments. For example, porcelain veneers can can address a broad range of aesthetic issues. With your enhanced appearance, you may feel far more confident about your smile, and you will be more willing to share it with others.

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Dr. Morris believes everyone deserves to experience the vast benefits of a beautiful smile. To find out how gum contouring can benefit you and to begin designing your treatment, contact Dr. Morris’ office today at (631) 581-7600

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